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Nashville Cultural Non-Profit



Nananom is planning its current production "AFRICA AKROWA" which means "African Village" and is in line with its mission to promote the Ghanaian culture to other communities. We are currently requesting and accepting sponsors and partners for this culturally rich event. Nananom welcomes any form of assistance and/or sponsorship to make this educative program possible. Your name (or company name) will be printed on the poster for the program as a sponsor. Our organization greatly appreciates and counts on your support to maintain our programs, and share with the community. We look forward to your contribution.


Nanonom African Heritage, Incorporated is creating a monthly African Arts and Education Program called "AFRICA AKROWA" which means "African Village." Africa Akrowa serves the community by targeting children and seniors. This enlighting program will include lessons on dancing and drumming, African arts and crafts, lectures on various aspects of African culture and history, African food and fashion, and other elements integral to African culture.

Africa Akrowa impacts the community by exposing  youth (and adults) to African culture and practices that encourage wellness and exercise through our African dance, drumming and lecture sessions.


  • DANCE WORKSHOPS:                                                                                                Our dance sessions serve to address and rectify the challenges of obesity and the sedentary lifestyle with active,high energy African dance that originates from different parts of Ghana and other African countries. Children, teens and adults are able to participate in dances that involve jumping and energetic dancing. Through these dances, participants are given the opportunity to experience weight loss while enhancing body metabolism and energy levels to become healthier members of the community.


  • DRUMMING WORKSHOPS:                                                                                   Our drumming workshops serve to teach youth the art of drumming to increase their levels of comprehension, helping them to react quickly to changes in patterns. Youth learn to calculate, focus, coordinate and communicate with their peers and their audience in an environment focusd on learning, sharing and fun.


  • AFRICAN LECTURE SESSIONS:                                                                        Lastly, our African Lecture Sessions serve to expose American  youth  (including those youth that are of African descent that have been born in America), to information pertaining to the multitude of cultures, languages and histories of the countries of Africa. These lectures also serve to teach community values that hold a village together. Topics include: Adolescent Growth, Courtship, Marriage, Health and other Life Skills. We are proud to share this knowledge globally in a joyful athmosphere that is Nananom,s own.

​Our organization counts on your support to maintain Africa Akrowa and share it with the community! We look forward to your support.


To Sponsor Nananom, complete the below form in full. Once you have completed the form, return to this page and click to "Donate" button to complete the process.


Ephraim K. Ketsri



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