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Nananom African Heritage is a not- for- profit organization in Nashville, Tennessee that serves to promote authentic African Dance through Arts, Education and Recreation by demonsrating the rich cultural heritage of Africa and people of African Descent.




  • To create an exchange opportunity for indigenous dance companies in Africa to teach/tour U. S. schools, universities, churches and communities.

  • To convey our African history through dancing and drumming thereby impacting the history and events that led to different dances in Africa.

  • To create a channel for Africans in the Diaspora to visit Africa  in order to enrich their understanding of African heritage, as well as experience opportunities for economic growth.

  • To initiate programs that engage the youth in activites that teach community values and global friendship.

  • To use the art of dance to address the challenges of obesity.

  • To collaborate with other organizations that promote arts, education, recreation and health in  building a better and healthier community.


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